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Early Childhood Music Classes

Music programs designed by music therapists involve so much more than just learning music!

Don't worry, you will still have plenty of opportunities to practice singing and rhythm skills, explore instruments, dance, and everything else you would expect from a children's music class. But you'll also have a program that is designed specifically for the children attending, to address both their current musical ability and important developmental skills such as social interaction, communication, gross and fine motor skills, on-task behaviour, pre-academic knowledge and other skills that will benefit them in school and later in life. Music will be specifically chosen to provide the most benefit to the children, give them a diverse repertoire of tonalities, rhythms, and cultural music, as well as ensure that both children and adults involved will enjoy themselves.

Preschool & Daycare Classes

These classes will incorporate a wide variety of both children's and popular songs, and many different types of instruments. While the main focus will be practising musical skills, other skills will be worked on, such as counting, spelling, spatial concepts, social skills, sharing and turn-taking. 


Programs are designed specifically for each site, taking into consideration their unique set up and needs, and can be adapted to include themes or goals from other aspects of the preschool or day care's program. 

Family Classes

Family classes allow children and parents (or grandparents, aunts, uncles, or another grown-up you love!) alike to explore music and other important developmental skills through song, dance, instruments, and other engaging activities. A wide variety of music and developmental skills will be addressed during each class, along with plenty of opportunities to interact with other children and parents and grow closer as a family.


Each program is unique, designed specifically for the children registered. Favourite songs of the participating families will be incorporated, along with familiar favourites and brand new songs!​

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