Music Therapy Services

MasterworX Music Therapy provides music therapy sessions, preschool and day care music classes, early childhood music programming, and adapted music lessons for all ages and level of ability.  Contact Hilary to set up a free consultation!

Please see Early Childhood Music Programs for details about community programs, preschool and daycare classes, and other programming for children five and under!

Children & Youth


Music therapy for children and youth can address a wide variety of goal areas in a fun way! 


Individual and group sessions for children address goals unique to them using a wide variety of musical interventions. Some goal areas may include: gross and/or fine motor skills, academic concepts, social interaction and skills, speech and language, among many more. 


Sessions for children can be held in your school, preschool, day care program, community program, or in your own home!

Family Sessions


At MasterworX Music Therapy, we believe that family is of the utmost importance. 


Family music therapy sessions can enhance family cohesion, work through various problems, and help individual members work towards their goal areas with the help from the people most important to them. 



Music therapy for adults creates a safe environment where they can work through their interests, concerns, struggles, and unique goal areas. 


Individual and group sessions for adults can address such goals as: social interaction, stress management, active living, reality orientation, communication skills, grief management, spiritual concerns, among many others. 


Sessions for adults can be held in your community program, care facility, workplace, or in your own home!

Older Adults


Music therapy for older adults provides a relaxing environment where they can celebrate the life they have lived, and find meaning in their current situation.


Individual and group sessions for older adults can address such goals as: social interaction, reality orientation, reminiscence, life review, relaxation, spiritual concerns, among many others.


Sessions for older adults can be held in your long term care facility, palliative care facility, retirement community, community program, or in your own home!


Short-term contracts and single sessions are offered for those wishing to provide music therapy for palliative client(s).

Group & Individual Sessions


Group sessions allow for plenty of social interaction. Group members will work together within sessions, build strong social connections, take the time to listen to each other, solve problems with the input of others, and work on appropriate social skills. Group sessions also have a financial advantage, as costs can be split amongst group members.


Individual sessions allow for a program to be designed to the client's unique needs and interests. The music therapist's focus is entirely on one person during the session, and they do not need to share the time with anyone else.


Adapted Music Lessons


MasterworX Music Therapy also provides adapted music lessons to those who are interested in learning a new instrument or improving their skills on a current one!


Lessons are adapted to the needs of each person, and designed in a way to promote success. Preferred music, fun exercises, and lots of options lead to fun lessons that barely feel like work.


Lessons are offered on:




Music Theory


Contact Hilary to find out more!

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